The MBA Bubble is about to burst

If you think an MBA from a “top” Business School is a sure step to a high salary, then you need to read The MBA Bubble.
It contains the REAL secrets to reach your professional, financial, and life goals without mortgaging your life on an MBA program.


    • The worst mistakes young professionals make when investing in their education
    • Why MBAs are NOT worth and DON’T lead to higher salaries
    • How MBAs are a leftover product of the industrial age…and don’t teach the skills required to thrive in today’s business world
    • How Business Schools use deceitful marketing strategies to take credit for your success and lure in more unsuspecting students
    • Why you could be wasting over $100,000 on an MBA…even if you have a full scholarship


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The Book

This eye-opening look into the world of MBA’s relays convincing arguments against going to business school and exposes the truth about the education bubble that is about to burst.

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About the author

Mariana Zanetti earned her MBA degree from one of Europe’s top business schools and has over twelve years of international marketing experience working for global companies.

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Analyze your education investment

Most MBA applicants do not evaluate the Return Of Investment (ROI) of their education properly. Many of them take for granted that they will get a six-figure job after graduation.

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“The only serious or significant book warning against the costs and consequences of getting an MBA. For people contemplating an MBA, this book is a must just as a Polio vaccination”.

Aaron Clarey, author of Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Chosing the Right Major and Enjoy The Decline

” A well-argued demonstration of how earning an MBA can be a liability instead of an asset ”

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What readers are saying about the MBA Bubble

Very instructive book! Its arguments are justified in a logical way and are supported by the author’s own experience. It is a high-value book for those who are considering pursuing an MBA degree. They will save a fortune in tuition and one or two years of their lives.

Excellent book! I have developed a successful career in big multinational companies and I hold an MBA degree myself. This book confirmed to me what I have always thought: MBA programs tend to move people’s careers away from what they’re really passionate about.

Very useful for those who are considering pursuing an MBA program. After reading this book, I got rid of all my remorse for not having pursued the diploma and I felt reassured with the idea of having made the right decision.

The book makes evident that MBA programs are nothing but a very expensive label. I agree with the idea that spending such a fortune to open a few doors that could be opened otherwise is nonsense. Business Schools just train people to become corporate servants, as graduates go out from business school deeply in debt and in desperate need of an income. I recommend this book to anyone who has considered or is considering a higher business degree.